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Your business isn’t trash, so why does your website look like it?


Your All-In-One Solution

A website is much more than just a screen with letters and pictures. It’s home to your story, branding, and what users think of your business.

Build a website that will last, not one that you’ll have to overhaul in the next year or two.

Let’s work as a team to get your dream site up and running!

Website Design

If you’re looking for something that will stand out, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll do it better than others and for cheaper, guarantied. Don’t compromise and go with something that will last.


“T’ill code do we depart”, Shakespeare said (or at least he should have). I’ll  handle the design and the development and wrap it all in the same bundle. Design and Dev = Better quality & turnaround times.


For 40$ a month, I’ll fully host your site at lightning speeds. I’ll provide a FREE SSL Certificate, DNS service, Caching, discounted email service, and support when you need it most.


No need to set things up on your own, I’ll help you get your site launched, hassle free. When hosting with me, you’ll have more control at your fingertips (or well, most likely your keyboard).

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Built Exclusively in WordPress; supercharged with the Power of WooCommerce and Divi.

Hi there! My name is Quincy Whittaker

I’m a Website Developer, Designer, artist, and UI/UX expert. I’ve been developing websites for 6+ years. I specialize in website storytelling and bringing visions to life with responsive, beautiful, and affordable websites.

However, I find most of my joy working as an entrepreneur with businesses where I can be more involved with the creative process. My business, now going on 3 years, has provided me the most wonderful opportunities to help people grow their businesses.

I live in the center of Provo, Utah with my wife Shinoahe, our daughter, and a dog that causes lots of trouble.

My dream is to continue putting smiles on people’s faces as I help them to do what matters most.